Make a funky Pyjamarama paper chain

Published on: 26 April 2019 Author: Francesca Wilks

Jazz up your Pyjamarama celebrations with a fabulous paper-chain decoration. This simple craft is easy for little ones to join in with and only requires a few materials.

Just follow the easy steps below to make your own Pyjamarama garland.

Completed Pyjamarama paper chain activity

You will need

  • Paper – you could use any kind of paper, even newspaper
  • A pen or pencil
  • Scissors – make sure any cutting is done by an adult
  • Decoration – anything you have to hand, such as glitter, stickers, pompoms, pens, paints, crayons
  • Sticky tape

 Pyjamarama paper chain activity materials

What to do

1. Cut your paper into a long strip.

2. Fold the paper accordion-style to make a series of rectangles. Make the folds as even as possible. The rectangles should be the size you want each pair of pyjamas to be.

Pjamarama paper chain activity folded paper

3. On the top rectangle, draw the outline of a pair of pyjamas. Make sure the arms go all the way to the edge.

Pyjamarama paper chain activity draw a pair of pyjamas

4. Next, carefully cut out this shape, holding the folded paper together. Make sure you don’t cut along the folds!

5. Unfold the chain carefully and you’ll have lots of pairs of pyjamas in a row!

Pyamarama paper chain activity cut out the pyjama shape

6. Now it’s time to make your pyjamas colourful! Why not go wild and use different decorations for each pair.

Pyjamarama paper chain activity decorated pyjamas

7. If you want a really long chain, you can repeat the steps and attach the ends of the two or more chains with sticky tape.

8. Hang up your Pyjamarama paper chain where everyone can admire it!

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