Have some fun and draw a cat in pants

Published on: 05 July 2018 Author: Catriona Wightman

Katie Abey's brilliant book We Wear Pants has inspired us to get creative... and here's how you can have some fun too.

We Wear Pants

We are a little bit in love with Katie Abey's We Wear Pants - a pleasingly silly new picture book about various animals wearing various things...

Bright and quirky, it's a visual feast for the eyes - from wombats wearing wellies to sloths in socks, pandas in pants to giraffes wearing scarves.

And now we've got a real treat for you, because Katie has kindly shared instructions on how to draw a cat in pants... and frankly, we can't think of anything we want to do more!

Check out the instructions below (click on the image for a bigger version) and then make sure you share your doodles by tweeting us @BookTrust...

How to draw a cat in pants

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