Bath, Book, Bed: In illustrations

Published on: 20 May 2016

A number of very kind and talented illustrators decided to put their own spin on Bath, Book, Bed.

There were many different takes on Bath, Book, Bed - a literacy based bedtime routine. Many pictures feature animals taking part in the routine. Some have even imagined that Bath, Book, Bed takes place in a magical world. Have a look at the pictures by some beloved illustrators and get lost in Bath, Book, Bed. We're only sorry we couldn't feature all of the images that were submitted via #BathBookBed.

Illustration by Demelsa Haughton

Illustration by Demelsa Haughton, @demelsahaughton

Illustration by Duncan Beedie

Illustration by Duncan Beedie, @duncandraws

Illustration by Hannah McCaffrey


Illustration by Hannah McCaffrey, @hmillustration

Illustration by Louise Gardner


Illustration by Louise Gardner, @Noodliedoodlie

Illustration Penny Neville Lee

Illustration Penny Neville Lee, @pennynevillelee

Illustration by Rachel Sanson


Illustration by Rachel Sanson, @rachelsanson14

Illustration by Rikin Parekh


Illustration by Rikin Parekh, @r1k1n

Illustration by Saundra Jones


Illustration by Saundra Jones


Illustration by Thea Baker

Illustration by Thea Baker, @theaillustrator

Bath Book Bed


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