How to make knickers bunting for the Queen in 5 easy steps

Published on: 05 June 2016 Author: Sophie Offord

The Queen celebrates her birthday this weekend - so here are some ways to rope your family into the fun.

How to make knickers bunting for the Queen in 5 easy steps

Yes. When you're as Big and Important as the Queen, you get to have two birthdays. (No, kids - that doesn't mean you can.)

That is why we celebrate the Queen's birthday in April AND June, every year (the second date is the 'official' one). Some people choose to hold street parties, parades and fancy lunches.

If you want to keep your tribe happy while you sip a tributary G&T, get ready to relax: we've got the perfect pastime for you.

How to make knickers bunting

  • Step 1. Ask a grown-up to help.
  • Step 2. Cut knickers shapes out of card.
  • Step 3. Decorate your card knickers with crayons, paint, glitter, sequins, tissue paper - let your imagination run wild!
  • Step 4. Cut a length of ribbon - as long as you want the bunting to be.
  • Step 5. Staple the knickers to the ribbon.

Now grab some pins, it's ready to hang! Easy peasy.

(We also have some knickers shapes [Word, 801KB] to print and cut out, if you want a headstart.)

More fun and frills

If we had your child doubled over at 'knickers', then print off these other themed activities below.

Knickers for any occasion

All this knickers malarkey is also in honour of The Queen's Knickers by Nicholas Allan.

It's hard to believe the book is now almost 20 years old - a hilarious and much-loved story about the Queen's busy life.

Not only could you read this classic with your child this weekend, but there are also loads of other books out there starring some great fictional Queens.

But if your child wants to know more about our real one, here are some interesting facts.

Did you know?

  • Queen Elizabeth II is the 40th monarch we've had, since William the Conqueror claimed the crown of England in 1066. Yes, that was a pretty long time ago!
  • The Queen has 30 godchildren, on top of her children and grandchildren - just think of all the birthday cards she has to remember to send.
  • Last year, Queen Elizabeth II became our longest-reigning monarch. So far, she's spent nearly 65 years on the throne, since becoming our Queen when she was just 26.

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