The Queen’s Knickers

Publisher: Random House

Have you ever wondered about the kind of knickers the Queen wears? Sensible knickers, frilly knickers, knickers with Corgis on them? Perhaps she has different knickers for every occasion - crown-jewel knickers or Christmas knickers? 

A little girl day-dreaming about a school visit from the Queen imagines a parade of all the different knickers she might own, and wonders which knickers she might choose for a school trip  - her rescue knickers, gardening knickers, or perhaps her 'parachute pants'?

Let's face it: knickers are funny, and in The Queen's Knickers, Nicholas Allan makes them even funnier with this cheeky look inside the Queen's wardrobe. Sure to appeal to particularly mischievous readers, the illustrations are warm and colourful, the story delightful and highly entertaining. Perhaps the only question remaining is - which knickers would you wear if you were going to meet the Queen?

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