Here are the UK’s best book jokes

Published on: 14 April 2016 Author: Sophie Offord

Let's use humour to celebrate all that is fabulous and fun about reading.

We want to remind people that many books out there are completely hilarious.

For that reason, we recently asked you for the finest book jokes available to humanity - and by Jeeves, you delivered.

Thank you, British public.

May we present you with…


Jokes you don't always get

Some of you went for the kill - quoting French intellectuals at us: 

Writers, eh? Too talented by half.

Meanwhile, from this children's author...

Which had one of you responding:

Don't worry, Anne, you're not the only one. But once we read it another time, we laughed ourselves silly. In fact, this joke might be one of our favourites (and quite a few of you on Twitter agree)…

Best book joke of all?

Except Waterstones Ashford kindly thought our questionable turnip joke trumped the lot.

Another simply couldn't choose between them all - and why should Ruth have to? She can just 'entertain' her colleagues with the lot:

Thanks, Ruth - please reassure us that you still have your job.

Keep laughing and reading

Being serious for a moment (but just for a moment), we thank you all for your valiant efforts. They're all much better than ours, and we salute you wholeheartedly.


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