How to celebrate books in schools

Published on: 05 March 2015 Author: Nisha Alberti

This is a guide to celebrating books in schools, as demonstrated by the schools who took part in judging this year's Blue Peter Book Awards. In just seven easy steps you will see how the schools participating in this year's awards celebrated books and reading!

Step 1: Get some great books together

Great Books


Step 2: Start reading...

Children reading at Oakthorpe School


... anywhere, all the time!

Children reading at Oakthorpe School


Step 3: Talk about the books with your friends. What did they think about the book? Do you agree? Do you have the same favourites? (And get someone to bring snacks!)

The Library Club's Blue Peter Book Café at Perrywood School


Step 4: Write your reviews

Review by Suzin


Step 5: Present your reviews so that other people can find out more about the books

A Blue Peter Book Awards display at Oakthorpe School


Step 6: Vote for your favourites!

Children voting at Perrywood School


Step 7: Be thanked by the winners for your excellent judgment!

Author Pamela Butchart said:

'YES! Thank yooooooooooou very, very, very, very, VERY, very, very, very, very MUCH! It really means a lot to me. When I found out I almost fainted like Maisie Miller! I LOVED writing The Spy Who Loved School Dinners so it's AMAZING to find out that you enjoyed reading it and voted it Best Story. THANK YOU!'

Illustrator Thomas Flintham said:

'Thank you so much! All the other books were great, so its really exciting that you gave us the prize. We hope to keep making books you'll enjoy reading.'

Author Andy Seed said:

'Children, you are very, very nice people! But really, I would like to thank every child who voted for The Silly Book because I know it's not easy to decide when there are three really good books.'

Illustrator Scott Garrett said:

'Thank you, you have very good taste! (Maybe i'll be illustrating YOUR books one day....if my hands last that long!)'

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