Whizz Pop Granny Stop

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Having a granny who does magic is possibly every child’s dream, but it can get embarrassing.  She means well, but sometimes Granny’s Helping Kit causes more trouble than intended.

Her granddaughter is determined to have a magic-free birthday, and together, she and Granny bake the cake, make a frock and paint everyone’s faces without using a single spell. It’s a wonderful party – but what about all the mess? A supersonic broom comes to the rescue – maybe Granny has finally realised that there is a time and a place for magic.

There are lots of humour in Joe Berger’s illustrations, which zing from the page, cleverly complementing Tracey Corderoy’s rollicking text. This is a funny but affectionate exploration of the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

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