Where's Lenny?

Publisher: Alanna Max

Lenny and Daddy have great fun playing hide-and-seek in this delightful picture book. While Daddy covers his eyes and sings a counting song, Lenny races off to find somewhere to hide. Daddy follows the clues and searches everywhere for Lenny – in the cupboard, by the window, in the bathroom – but he is nowhere to be found. Eventually, Daddy enlists Mummy’s help to find the evasive toddler, and they investigate a giggly bump under his bedclothes, resulting in plenty of tickles, hugs and laughter.

The repetition of the phrase “Where’s Lenny?” on each page will encourage young readers to join in with the words, while the familiar setting and game will help them to engage with the story. Children will love to explore the pictures and point out Lenny’s hiding places, helping them to develop their observation skills.

Brightly coloured illustrations, with broad, visible brushstrokes, add texture and movement, perfectly reflecting Lenny’s energy and excitement as he tries to evade detection. This charming tale, which features a mixed-race family, is ideal to share with toddlers, and is sure to prompt their own game of hide-and-seek.

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