Waiting For Callback: Take Two

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Having landed the title role in post-apocalyptic survival movie Straker, and finally gotten together with the boy of her dreams, 15-year-old Elektra James is pretty pleased with life.

As she embarks on what she had hoped would be a 'sensational summer of love', she discovers just how tricky it can be to manage a long-distance romance with a hot-guy vampire hunter in Transylvania while juggling GCSE coursework and 12-hour days on a film set - not to mention any number of minor domestic crises and unwanted interference from friends, family and general busybodies.

This follow-up to Waiting For Callback is funny, frothy, light-hearted and a genuine page-turner. Exposing some of the less glamourous aspects of life in the film industry, it also has many touching moments and reassuringly suggests that even soon-to-be-famous teens aren't always in control of their lives.

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