Superhero Baby

Publisher: Little Tiger

Superhero Baby is always on the alert, ready to race to the rescue of those in need, while her twin brother quietly plays or sleeps peacefully in his cot. She tackles every disaster with ease, plugging a burst water pipe with her teddy, squirting the rising flames of a fire with her water pistol and rescuing a cat from a tree by scooping it into an empty nappy.

As she darts from one catastrophe to the next, she realises that these are not mere accidents. They are in fact the work of a dastardly Super Villain and she is astounded when she discovers the culprit’s identity.

Each page is action-packed, similar in style to a simplified comic strip, with vibrant illustrations providing plenty of visual interest. The rhyming text makes this a great book to read aloud and toddlers will love joining in with the repetitive chant of ‘Go-go baby power’. Readers will delight in the twins’ amusing escapades, while BAME characters ensure broad appeal.

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