Super Sidekicks: No Adults Allowed

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Penguin

JJ and his friends Fly Girl and Dinomite are sick of being taken for granted by the adult superheroes they work for. It’s time to stage a revolution and prove that they’re not just sidekicks!

Can they get the adults to listen? When Goo arrives at their no-adults-allowed meeting things get even trickier. The misunderstood sidekick of the villain, Dr Enok, Goo just wants to have some friends. But Dr Enok has other plans.

Now the Sidekicks have their first mission: free Goo. But will their superpowers be up to the task? Although saving Goo from Dr Enok’s evil grasp is their top priority, if they succeed, perhaps the adults will finally see them as superheroes in their own right and take them seriously for once.

An excellent, super-fun mini graphic novel (in black and white) that perfectly captures the superhero genre whilst also speaking to any reader who’s ever felt unfairly undervalued just because they’re a child. The adults are of course also completely blinkered when it comes to Goo, and it takes the kids to help them open their eyes. A clever story of empowerment told in a fresh new voice and wrapped up in a superhero comic package.

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