Sports are Fantastic Fun!

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Publisher: Gecko Press

Have you ever tried pole-vaulting? What about caber tossing? This witty, illustrated explanation of all the world’s most popular sports explains the rules of each sport, suggests what is most enjoyable or difficult about it, and keeps an upbeat, positive tone throughout: all sports are fantastic!

Both the witty, detailed illustrations and the dryly humorous "commentary" are amusing, and altogether the book has a touch of the Richard Scarry about it.

Sporty children will be able to find out all they ever wanted to know about different games and athletic feats. Less sporty adults may also appreciate it as a handy guide to what on earth is happening on their TV during the Olympics or Commonwealth games. Sports can sometimes put off the less competitive child, but here the focus is on being active, as the book includes ballet, slacklining and other physical activities not commonly thought of under the heading of "sports". The inclusion of social, "backyard" sports and games is also welcome, and will provide plenty of opportunity for discussion of the different reasons people engage in sport.

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