See You in the Cosmos

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Publisher: Puffin

Alex is off to SHARF. That's the 'Southwest High-Altitude Rocket Festival' in New Mexico. He's built his own rocket and he's going to launch it into space with a golden iPod full of Earth sounds for other life forms to listen to.

Full of curiosity about life, the universe, and everything, 11 year-old Alex sets off with just his trusty sidekick (a dog called Carl Sagan), his rocket and camping gear. But when his road trip takes some unplanned turns, his understanding of the world is challenged. What - or who - will he find in his search for the truth?

Told through the recordings Alex makes on his iPod, readers get direct access to his fears, his passions and all his big questions. With themes of friendship and family, this is a highly engaging and heartwarming story - a true journey of discovery, with some great twists and turns along the way.

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