Picture Me Gone

Publisher: Puffin Books

Twelve-year-old Mila has a talent for noticing things that other people don't. Accompanying her absent-minded academic father on a strange road trip across New York State, in search of an old friend who has disappeared, leaving behind his wife, dog and one-year-old son, she puts her razor-sharp powers of deduction to the test, determined to help return Matthew to his family. Yet as they travel through an unfamiliar landscape of snow, pine forests and motels, long-buried secrets come to light - and Mila gradually begins to realise that this mystery is far more complex than she had ever imagined.

Award-winning author Meg Rosoff perfectly captures Mila, as she teeters on the brink between childhood and adulthood, in this moving and multi-layered coming-of-age story. Exploring the relationship between father and daughter, and the ways that children make sense of the confusing adult world, Picture Me Gone is a beautifully understated and compelling novel.

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