Philomena - The Cat Who Thinks She’s a Dog

Publisher: Wacky Bee Books

Philomena is a cat with an identity crisis. Having been brought up with a puppy, she is now convinced she is actually a dog herself. 

However, no one seems to have noticed - not even her new owners, the Simpkins family. Philomena's solution? She will demonstrate her real identity by mirroring the behavior of next-door's dog.

Sadly, her growling, digging of holes and chasing postmen doesn't go down at all well with her new family. Can she find an opportunity to prove to them that she is a dog - and more importantly, that she is a pet worth keeping?

This is a simple chapter book with attractive illustrations, large typeface and an accessible narrative. The plot is simple but fun, and carries a gentle message about being yourself. It is also casually inclusive, with the illustrations telling us that the Simpkins' daughter Sophie uses a wheelchair, but without any mention of this in the story.

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