Peter Pan in Scarlet

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Geraldine McCaughrean's much anticipated sequel to Peter Pan finds Wendy and the lost boys now grown-up and leading respectable lives in London. However, the group of friends find themselves increasingly transported back to Neverland in their dreams, waking to find daggers and coils of rope in their beds.

The ever-sensible Wendy deduces that all is not well in Neverland and feels they must return and find Peter Pan. With the help of Fireflyer, a fairy they capture in Hyde Park, the group fly back to Neverland and discover that although Peter is as arrogant as ever, other things have changed…

McCaughrean's style captures the playful tone of J.M Barrie well and many of the phrases woven into the text are a delight. This fairly lengthy book would make perfect bed-time reading.

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