Pete with No Pants

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Pete isn't sure who, or what, he is. Out for a stroll, the small grey elephant spots some big, big rocks. The boulders are grey, like him, and aren't wearing any trousers. Also like him. So Pete must be a boulder. But when the boulders won't play 'Knock! Knock!', Pete moves on. Perhaps he's a grey squirrel instead? He's grey, likes acorns, and still isn't wearing any trousers. But the squirrels run away from Pete's game of hide and seek.

The clouds and the birds are grey like Pete, but they won't play with him either. No one will join in Pete's games. Except Mum. Because with or without his trousers on, Mum knows exactly who Pete is.

A funny, quirky, reassuring story about a confused little creature who doesn't want to conform, yet desperately wants to discover who he is.

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