Nighttime Symphony

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

In this beautiful picture book, as nighttime and bedtime arrives a storm is howling across the city. Part poem, part song and part lullaby, as the young boy in the book settles down to sleep his father creates a sense of music and rhythm out of the sounds of the storm. The raindrops tap a steady beat on the window, the wind sings, the thunder is a drummer in the sky and the trees outside dance to the sounds of nature creating its own harmonies.

Out of the loud and busy storm, the author creates a sense of calm and peace, making a beautiful bedtime story for little ones. For older readers, it offers a brilliant base for developing a sensory story as well as lots of opportunities for thinking about the language of sounds, the different sounds themselves and the many different ways of creating music.

A gorgeous and different book, full of poetry and music that will capture imaginations young and old.

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