Moonchild: City of the Sun

Publisher: Farshore

Moonchildren Farah and Amira each have a magical animal companion, known as a jinni, who is linked to their emotions.

In their previous adventure (in the book Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found), the girls and their friend Leo defeated a terrifying Stormbird and freed five imprisoned jinn, which they hoped would bring harmony and happiness to the Sahar Peninsula. However, they inadvertently released an excess of powerful moon magic, creating an imbalance which caused nights to become longer, while daylight hours diminish. People are fearful that, eventually, the sun will cease to rise at all.

Desperate to redress the balance between night and day, Farah, Amira and their jinn go in search of the mystical City of the Sun, located in the hottest part of the desert. On the perilous journey, Farah is plagued by doubts and realises that she must understand, rather than supress, her feelings if she is to overcome the fear that threatens to engulf her. Meanwhile, Amira is determined to rescue Leo, who disappeared when the Stormbird was banished.

This exciting sequel to Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found celebrates the magic of storytelling. Black-and-white illustrations feature throughout the chapters, which help readers to visualise this imaginative fantasy world.

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