Mirabelle Gets Up To Mischief

Publisher: Oxford University Press

It’s the day of the Midsummer Dance, the highlight of every fairy’s year, and half-witch, half-fairy Mirabelle Starspell is under strict instructions from her dad (who’s a fairy) to leave all her witchy potions and cauldrons at home (after some unfortunate incidents in the past!)

Mirabelle is torn. She wants to behave and make her dad proud, but witch magic is so much fun! Careful not to be seen, she sneakily dangles a couple of potion bottles on a necklace hidden under her dress. She tells herself she won’t use them, so they can’t do any harm at all. Can they?

From the author of Isadora Moon comes an adorable story that will speak to every child with a naughty side as well as a nice one - and the nail-biting excitement is perfect for younger readers beginning to explore chapter books and read independently. The cheerful two-tone illustrations are beautifully simple, and you can't help but love Mirabelle’s cheeky expressions.

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