Ministry of Pandemonium

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

'The first time I set eyes on Mr October he didn't look like anything special.' But beneath his ever-changing guises, Mr October heads the Ministry of Pandemonium, helping souls of the recently departed on their way, rescuing them from darker, deadlier forces.
And Mr October recognises something special in Ben Harvester: Ben senses things other people can't.
Mr October recruits Ben to the Ministry; but when his Mum's name appears on The List of people needing help, Ben realises the responsibility of his power - and faces an awful dilemma.

The wraiths and demons are truly scary; cemeteries and mortuaries abound, and the Ministry of Pandemonium is beautifully realised (the constantly-printing List, the ever-expanding filing department). A deliciously spooky, supernatural thriller - with real heart.

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