Miaow Said the Cow

Publisher: Templar

Cat's feeling grouchy: he's been harshly woken up again by the farm cockerel crowing.

'Something's got to be done about that', he mutters and after a little thought, weaves a crafty spell. When the cockerel opens his beak next morning, all he can say – very quietly - is 'squeak'.

Other animals are similarly affected: pigs cluck, hens oink, sheep woof, dogs baa – and the cow can only say 'miaow'.

It's bedlam, and the animals are deeply discontented; with a deafening 'MOOOO' they turn on the cat and he's forced to undo his trickery.

Thick, sweeping lines and bold earthy colours wittily portray the animals in this jaunty, rollicking cautionary tale bursting with farmyard noises; great to read aloud.

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