Meet the Parents

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Children might think that parents are just there to nag and boss them about, but in fact mums and dads have all kinds of other uses. They are mending machines for broken toys, heaters for warming your hands on, sofas for putting your feet up on, and towels for wiping dirty fingers on - and that's just for starters.

There will be plenty of wry smiles on the faces of parents who read this enchanting picture book with their small offspring. Peter Bently's witty rhyming text is full of fun, and Sara Ogilvie's vibrant illustrations perfectly convey a host of familiar family scenarios in gorgeously bright colours.

Each new spread is brilliantly observed - from the mum who we see getting gradually more and more laden down by a child's discarded possessions, to the frustation and anger of a little boy who discovers the family dog has chewed up his toys. A joyous and delighful celebration of family life, this is a real treat for parents and children alike.

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