Matilda's Cat

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Fans of Emily Gravett’s gorgeous book Dogs (who include the protagonist of this book, who is pictured reading it!) will no doubt be keen to read this tribute to rather a grouchy feline.

Matilda’s cat watches with disdain as his mistress plays with wool, climbs into boxes and dons a funky hat. No matter what madcap endeavour Matilda embarks upon, her cat dislikes them all. He does, however, like one thing very much but readers will have to wait until the very last page to find out what it is!

Gravett’s illustrations in this funny and touching picture book are as delightful as ever. Picture book lovers will spot that Matilda’s cat costume, complete with ears and tail, pays gentle homage to another costumed character: Max, in Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book Where the Wild Things Are.

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