Marv and the Mega Robot

Publisher: Oxford

Marvin thinks superheroes are cool, but no-one believes they’re real – right? Yet when Marvin’s grandad unearths his old brown suitcase, there’s an amazing surprise inside: his old superhero suit which he bequeaths to Marvin. Not only that, but there’s also a robot sidekick, Pixel, who is overjoyed to be of use again. Can it be that grandpa was once Marv the superhero – and can Marvin take on the mantle?

Powered by kindness and imagination, Marvin’s super suit can do all kinds of amazing things, giving its wearer superpowers. Yet, when the supervillain Mastermind turns up at the school Science Fair with her evil mega robot, Marv has to step in and save the day – with Pixel’s help, of course.

This illustrated early reader is fast paced with plenty of adventure for young readers just making the transition from picture books, or kids that really love books with dynamic illustrations. Marv himself is an inspiring black superhero, and the story’s focus on the importance of friendship and creativity creates an inclusive and welcoming background for a super duper science adventure.

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