Mad in the Back

Publisher: Picture Squirrels

Mum is going on a long car journey with her two boisterous children. They promise to be good. They promise not to go mad in the back. But soon they start grumbling. They want drinks. They want crisps. They want to open the windows. Then they start squabbling, bickering and biting. Mum tries to distract them, but it's no use.  There is hair pulling, pinching, punching and tears. Mum stops the car.  She threatens to leave them by the side of the road. So the children promise not to go mad in the back. But they're whinging and whining again very soon….Poor Mum!

A familiar family story of a nightmare car journey with cantankerous children, accompanied by laugh-out-loud illustrations.

A dyslexia-friendly book.

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