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Publisher: Electric Monkey

It's been over a year since the adults disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California. Epic battles have been fought, monsters have appeared in their midst, and the children have struggled against extraordinary odds to survive. Now, watched by their loved ones outside the barrier, Sam, Astrid and the others must deal with the terrible gaiaphage, reborn as Diana's mutant daughter who is hungry for destruction. Long-standing enemies will become allies and even greater sacrifices will be made in the final days before the walls of the Fayz finally come down for good.

The final book in the Fayz series will more than satisfy the high expectations of the many fans of Michael Grant's addictive saga. Containing numerous scenes of violence and horror, it is emphatically not for the faint-hearted, but provides a gripping and emotionally-resonant conclusion to this high-octane series. Compulsively readable, terrifying and packed with heart-stopping excitement, Light is a true page-turner.

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