Level 2: The Memory Chronicles

Publisher: Usborne

Since her untimely death, the day before her 18th birthday, Felicia has been stuck in Level 2. In this otherworldly waiting room located somewhere between heaven and earth, she spends endless days in her chamber, plugged into the net, through which she can access and replay precious memories of her life: her friends, her family and especially her boyfriend Neil. But then her strange limbo-like existence is suddenly disturbed when Julian, a boy from her past that she would rather forget, appears to help her break free from her chamber and her dependence on her memories. As she begins to uncover the truth about Level 2, Felicia discovers that a rebellion is brewing, and that she has a crucial role to play. 

A science fiction novel with a difference, Level 2 puts an imaginative spin on the concepts of heaven and hell, and the power of our memories. With plenty of exciting twists and turns and a well-drawn central central character in Felicia, the first book in the Memory Chronicles series is an action-packed story that will both intrigue and entertain. 

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