Karate Kids

Publisher: Walker Books

It’s Saturday morning and Maya is excited to go to her karate class at the dojo. First, she gets ready in her white suit, called a gi, and adds her beginners’ white belt.  Time to go!

At the dojo, Maya’s sensei welcomes everyone in and it’s time for a warmup. Then, the group practise blocks and then it’s kata time, when sensei helps everyone to remember a pattern of moves. Maya has a little bit of a wobble, but one of her friends gives her a helping hand. Last, everyone gets to do a big kiai kick - HAI-YAH!, and then everyone kneels down, closes their eyes and breathes in and out, calmly and slowly. Before Maya knows it’s the class is over and everyone’s parents have arrived to collect them!

Sterling runs her own dojos in the north of England as well as being a retired karate Grand Champion, and her passion for karate and the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing it confers is obvious in this delightful book. A perfect read for little ones who might be starting a karate or other martial arts class, it’s reassuring, kind and will dispel any potential nervousness.

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