I Want My Light on!

A Little Princess story

Publisher: Andersen Press

No way is the Little Princess turning her light out at bedtime - 'I'm not so much afraid of the DARK... I'm more afraid of ghosts'. After soothing reassurances from the King down to the Maid, the light finally goes off.

But what's that noise? Under the bed jumps the Little Princess – also a shivering ghost! 'Boo!' yells the Little Princess, 'Ooooo!' squeaks the ghost, scampering back to it's mother who asserts 'There's no such thing as little girls'. But the ghost still keeps the light on!

With deft humour, this delicious combination of witty illustrative detail, a diva-like heroine and a perfectly paced narrative, confronts an everyday fear. A book to reassure nervous sleepers everywhere – being afraid of the dark has never been such fun.

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