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Gone series book two

Publisher: Farshore

The grown-ups still haven't returned and for the kids stranded in the FAYZ, simply surviving is desperately hard. Sam Temple is 'in charge' but with food supplies dwindling and tempers rising, he's feeling the pressure.

Talking coyotes and killer worms aren't his worst problems; kids are developing strange powers, provoking a rift between 'freaks' and 'normals'; Lana the healer has disappeared and Sam's arch-rival, Caine, has captured the power plant.

And lurking in an abandoned mineshaft is a nameless presence that's getting inside people's heads...

Second in a series, this is a gripping, horrifyingly recognisable dystopian vision of a society re-inventing itself but with only the shakiest of rules and founded on fast-dwindling resources.

Believeable characters, relentless action and spare, driven writing: it's addictive!

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