Hot Air

Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books

Animals all over the world are struggling. Polar ice is melting faster than ever before: the equator is unbearably hot.  At their wits’ end, the animals call a conference: What’s Wrong with the Weather? Teams of dolphins are despatched to find the problem. Surprisingly - it’s cows!

The cows’ gassy emissions are turning the climate topsy-turvy. Could they ban them? Make them eat less? Change their diets? Then Porpoise has a preposterous idea to make the cows power a giant ice-freezing factory? But the ice has nearly all melted. What should they do?

An environmental message is conveyed with a certain idiosyncracy in this quirky picture book about the importance of taking care of our planet. The illustrations gloriously represent the world’s biodiversity in a jewel-like tapestry of vivid colour.

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