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Publisher: Andersen Press

Mr Gnome isn’t exactly the politest gnome that has ever lived. In fact, he’s pretty rude. Even when a hedgehog comes along with an apple stuck on his spines, Mr Gnome isn’t interested in helping out - and Mr Gnome does actually quite like apples.

So when Miss Witch politely asks Mr Gnome to stop fishing in her pond, it’s no surprise that he refuses. Unfortunately for Mr Gnome, though, it’s not Miss Witch’s first encounter with such an impolite being, and she has a pretty conclusive method for dealing with rudeness…

Fred Blunt’s books are always perfectly timed comic gems, and Gnome is no exception. It’s a cautionary tale, too, of course, for grumpy little ones, and a reminder that sometimes cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t the best plan - you’ll never look at garden gnomes in a garden centre the same way again.

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