Get Up, Elizabeth!

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Before she became Queen Elizabeth I of England, young Bess was just a little girl who had to get up and get dressed every morning, the same as any other child. Readers will learn about her regular routine and will enjoy making comparisons with their own experiences. Factual notes at the end explain different elements of Elizabeth’s schedule, such as having her teeth cleaned with a sooty cloth, stockings tied onto her legs with ribbons and a large, pleated ruff sewn around her neck each day.

Children will enjoy searching for Elizabeth’s tiny pet mouse, who is hiding on every page. This will encourage them to actively explore the splendid illustrations, rendered in regal tones of red and green, which beautifully evoke the opulent atmosphere of the Tudor period. Elizabeth’s glorious reddish-gold hair is a focal point of every picture; wild curls obscure her face, until they are finally tamed into an elaborate style and adorned with jewels. Written in succinct verse, which is wonderful to read aloud, this charming, gently humorous picture book makes an important historical figure relatable to young people

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