Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Every 500 years, a new phoenix rises from the ashes, allowing a fresh era of magic to safely begin. It’s this magic on which all kingdoms depend. However, something is amiss tonight - instead of a phoenix, a sinister darkness is rising out of the forests of Everdark.

Everyone senses something is wrong, but only an 11 year old girl spots the ominous black-winged creature heading out across the ocean. ‘Smudge’ is not an obvious hero. At school she is disorganised and distracted. She struggles to focus or put things down on paper, her head filled with ‘what ifs’ and ‘just maybes’. And she irritatingly refuses to fit into either of the two career options into which everyone else in Crackledown slots so neatly. Can this same Smudge, along with a rather reluctant monkey called Bartholemew, take on the villainous Morg and save the Unmapped Kingdoms?

The book follows them as they set sail on a rollicking adventure. This is a magical world of sea dragons, silver whales, missing explorers and evil harpies. It turns out Smudge has always longed to explore the unexplored, to try to achieve the impossible. And although the monkey says he just wants a quiet life, he soon becomes deeply loyal (if rather sarcastic) sidekick. Together they create a powerful and exceptionally likeable duo. Through Smudge, we see that it’s not always those who are top of the class who end up changing the world, and that thinking a bit differently is not necessarily a hindrance. Indeed ‘the world needs people to look at things from different angles, that’s what keeps it moving forward.’

A fast-paced adventure starring a dyslexic heroine, this is a book that will encourage any reader to believe in themselves and the power of magic. This republished edition features a beautifully accessible font and layout, on dyslexic-friendly cream paper.


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