Book One: The Last

Publisher: Andersen Press

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes in this gripping animal quest.

Byx is an Endling, the last of her species. In her world, humans live alongside other highly intelligent creatures, all of whom speak and can use magic. Byx herself is a young dairne: she looks like a dog, but walks upright, can almost fly, and has a special ability to detect lies. But dairnes have been hunted to extinction and now she’s the last.
Or is she?

When Byx is captured and taken on a dangerous journey, she discovers not only a far more complex and fascinating world than she’d ever imagined, but that the ruling emperor – the Murdano – has been hiding a terrible secret. Joined by a band of unusual friends, she sets off on a daring quest to find the long-lost isle of dairnes – and reveal the Murdano’s terrible lies.

A battle for survival in a fascinating new world packed with curious creatures, this book blends myth, fantasy and sci-fi into one, while touching on real-world environmental and human themes. It’s excellently written, packed with brilliant characters, and a real page-turning adventure.

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