Diary of Dorkius Maximus

Publisher: Buster Books


Dorkius Maximus is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome. This hilarious diary recounts his exploits as, desperate to become a great Roman hero, Dorkius enlists the help of his father's friend, Stoutus, to teach him the noble art of fighting. But heroism doesn't come naturally to Dorkius. Plus, his dad doesn't listen to him, his friends pick on him, and his mum is more interested in her sacred chickens. Dorkius knows there's a mighty warrior inside him, just waiting to get out ... isn't there? Humorously illustrated by Andrew Pinder, this book will delight any child who would like to get a taste of life as an ancient geek.

Anyone who thinks history is boring should check out the hilariously funny Dorkius Maximus, a geeky kid in ancient Rome who is desperate to become a gladiator like his older brother. In his diary Dorkius details his quest to become a fighting machine but also leads the reader through some of the more gruesome side of Roman life, including what happens in the toilet and why people make themselves sick after dinner.

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