Daylight Saving

Publisher: Walker Books


Daniel's life is falling apart: his mum has left the family home and his dad's drinking has since gone out of control.

When Daniel's dad decides to take him to the Leisure World Holiday Complex, Daniel isn't looking forward to the holiday, and on arrival, his first impressions of the strangely artificial resort do nothing to change his mind.

Things change when Daniel befriends a mysterious girl called Lexi who he meets by the fake lake. Soon Daniel realises that only he can see Lexi and that, alarmingly, she has terrible injuries that seem to get worse each time they meet and a watch that inexplicably works backwards. As Lexi's horrifying story emerges Daniel discovers a strength he never knew he had.

This book is from the pen of an award-winning author for adults and makes a haunting and at times disturbing read.

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