Daddy Honk Honk!

Publisher: Dial Books


One day in the Arctic, Aput the little white fox is watching the geese fly away; it's almost the end of summer, and the snow will soon be here. As he watches them take to the sky, he realises they've left an egg in the grass nearby – and as he picks it up, it hatches! The cute little blue gosling thinks Aput is its Daddy, but Aput doesn't have the first idea about how to look after a baby.

Instead, Aput offers the baby goose to some of the other animal families to look after, but the lemmings don't have room for a new baby and none of the others look likely as a foster parent. All of them, however, have useful advice for Aput: keep the baby warm, feed it healthy food, make sure it naps and plays safely, and always know where the baby is.

By the end of the day, Aput feels like he might know a little bit about how to look after a baby – but love is the most important part of all, and the other animals are there to make sure the baby is welcomed into the world in just the right way.

Bonnet's adorable book about being a new parent is full of warmth and reassurance, and the lovely ending reminds us that a loving community is a huge part of a child's life – and a big support for new parents, too.

The arctic animals are drawn incredibly beautifully and with real character, from the yogic polar bear to the busy lemmings, with lots of detail to keep children gazing at the pages.

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