Corpse Talk: Season 1

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Corpse Talk, the 'show that brings the dead famous to life' is a highly amusing and clever comic style history book that introduces the reader to historical figures in a fresh and funny way.

Acting as the interviewer, artist and writer Adam Murphy digs up the bodies of famous people from the past, and interviews them in a talk show style. He asks both about what they are famous for and also how they died. The comic illustrations show Adam interviewing the dead as well as snippets from when they were alive, showcasing the moments that they are known for.

The comics are fun and appealing to children, especially the mummified dead bodies, and Murphy does an excellent job condensing the main events of their lives into single or double page strips. The facts are told in a way that is sure to make readers of all ages laugh out loud, even while learning a thing or two. Readers will never think of the likes of Jane Austen, Genghis Khan, or Mozart quite the same again.

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