Cheese Belongs To You

Publisher: Walker Books

‘RAT LAW’ states that ‘Cheese Belongs To You’ – at least until someone bigger, stronger, faster, or scarier decides otherwise.  Of course, strength in numbers gives gangs power over individuals – but a gang answers to a boss. But then, bosses can be overthrown too...

As the pages of this picture book descend into a chaos of ratty fisticuffs it’s our original hero (poor little bow-tailed rat) who stays out of it all, and who ultimately reclaims the cheese. Luckily, she knows an important lesson about sharing and helps civilised behaviour to resume.

Alexis Deacon’s clever and thoughtful text poses a lot of exciting and interesting questions, which would be as intriguing to an 8-year-old as they would to a toddler. The repetition and humour will keep young readers entertained, and Viviane Schwarz’s angry pencil illustrations will have wide appeal.

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