Catching Fire

(10 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Book two of the Hunger Games trilogy

Publisher: Scholastic

This second book of the Hunger Games trilogy sees Katniss and Peeta as the first ever joint Victors of a bloodthirsty and mercilessly gruesome reality TV show.

The pair survived by challenging the power of the Capitol and now the ruthless President Snow wants revenge for their defiance.

In an attempt to quell the simmering unrest in the provinces, and to reassert his authority, the president reveals an ingenious and brutal plan which should rid him of his nemesis. But he has seriously underestimated the tenacity of the human spirit.

More than just a violent dystopian novel, the story boasts a wealth of subplots and a well developed cast of characters whilst maintaining a level of tension which makes it hard to put down.

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