Publisher: Corgi

Ant is an inmate of Spike, Britain's first family prison, where 43 families and 20 solos are serving time - not for anything they've done wrong, but for the unpunished heritage crimes of their parents or grandparents.

Ant and her little brother Mattie want to show everyone that they've done nothing bad, and that they're not to blame for the Depression. But it's hard when you're banged up with a strap on your back, making you walk like a strutter.

Tension is rising to boiling point in the jail, and when Ant tries to put things right, her brave actions have ugly consequences. A riot breaks out and then a fire. No-one is safe.

Not for the faint-hearted, this tense thriller has a captivatingly tough heroine. Gripping, action-packed and at times violent, this new book from Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo keeps you holding your breath until the very last page.

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