Another Life

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Archie leads a privileged life in Fulham with his wealthy career-driven parents. His life is one of private school, parties, girls, booze and occasional dabbling in recreational drugs: it's poles apart from his cousin Ty's darker and more dangerous existence. Ty knows that there are East End gangs who want to kill him because he told the truth, and now he lives in hiding.

When Ty is imprisoned for knife possession, Archie finds himself drawn into his cousin's life, and is shocked - but also curious – to discover they’ve got a surprising amount in common. But what is more, he also discovers that Ty’s life remains very much in danger…

The third in the series that began with When I Was Joe is a compelling, uncompromising and tense novel told in alternating narrative voices. Whilst the inosouciant Archie thinks only about himself, fearful, tense Ty reveals the psychological scars - and the wisdom he has gained - from his encounters with violence.

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