All Sorts of Possible

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Daniel and his dad are in the middle of a fight when a giant sinkhole opens in the road in front of them. There is no time to react and the last thing Daniel remembers shouting is 'I hate you!', before their car careens over the edge.

Somehow Daniel manages to survive the fall, but his dad is left in a life threatening coma. Just when things could not get worse a stranger appears at the hospital claiming Daniel has a powerful gift inside him, one that helped him escape the underground cavern, and one that could help him save his dad. Despite mistrusting the man, Daniel is drawn to him, determined to save his father even if it puts his own life at risk.

Rupert Wallis has managed to combine fantasy and realism in this seamless thriller. The claustrophobic descriptions of Daniel's underground prison are haunting and the sense of panic continues through every inescapable situation he finds himself in. It is endlessly gripping, as Daniel's quest draws him in to increasing danger. Exciting and incredibly well written.

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