All Aboard the Discovery Express

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Join train conductor Pierre Henri and all-round adventurer Nancy Delaney in a whirlwind trip around the world – and through time – aboard the Discovery Express. Once on board, you’ll learn about the history of transport, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s water skis to the invention of the safety bicycle in Coventry in 1885 and the invention of the car in Mannheim, 1888.

Along the way, you’ll also solve puzzles in your hunt for Professor Pendleton, the expedition leader, by reading the postcards, tickets, envelopes and other brilliant flap additions.

The Discovery Express is a sophisticated and interactive flap book reminiscent of Egyptology and Chris Riddell’s activity-packed Alienography, Or How To Spot an Alien Invasionwhich all offer an ongoing and interactive quest where readers follow clues to solve a mystery.

The rich 1930s-style illustrations give a sense of lushness to the book, and there’s plenty of information for older children to learn about transport on the flaps, either when they’re following the mystery through to the end of if they just fancy dipping in and out.

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