Adventures on Trains: Murder on the Safari Star

Publisher: Macmillan

Harrison Beck has already solved a kidnapping and caught a jewel thief, so when his Uncle Nat treats him to a trip on the luxurious Safari Star in Africa, he can't help but hope that another mystery will be waiting for him...

When a passenger on the train is found dead in his locked compartment in strange circumstances, Harrison takes it upon himself to figure out the truth about what happened. Was it an accident, or could it be something more sinister?

Set against the backdrop of Southern Africa's incredible landscapes and animal life, this third instalment in M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman's Adventures on Trains series is an absolute triumph (and works as a standalone novel if you haven't discovered the other books yet).

Brilliantly written and with a gripping case at its heart, it has all the hallmarks of a classic mystery story, with red herrings, twists, surprises, a gloriously drawn cast of characters, intricate plotting and even poisonous snakes.

But the book also highlights the importance of conservation and the threat that safari animals face.

Young readers will be hooked as they attempt to crack the case along with Harrison - and they'll surely be left dreaming of a train adventure of their own, too.

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