Able Seacat Simon

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Simon is a starving, bedraggled kitten living off scraps in Hong Kong harbour when he's scooped up by an English sailor. So begins his life of adventure aboard the HMS Amethyst. Given the important role of Head Rat Catcher the tiny feline soon takes to his job on the high seas, but when the Amethyst comes under fire in unfriendly waters Simon discovers he can help the injured sailors in more ways than one. Readers will soon learn why he was awarded the Dickin Medal, the only one ever awarded to a cat.

This incredible true story reads like a fairy tale. Despite dealing with quite technical naval material, Barrett-Lee has made it very assessable by telling it from Simon's point of view. There is also a very helpful glossary of terms at the back. This heart-warming tale will make readers laugh and cry. A must for animal lovers.

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