A Rocketful of Space Poems

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Bright and busy pages house a galactic display of poems all on the topic of space, pulled together in this picture flat-style anthology from Frances Lincoln. Korky Paul, best known for illustrating Winnie the Witch brings trademark detail and chaos to each spread, with multi-legged aliens, fantastic spaceships and swirling planets on every page.

Poems chosen include work from Paul Cookson, Eric Finney, David Harmer and John Foster, who curated the collection. There are topics covered ranging from the official rules of the  intergalactic game Squibble-ball, a comeback from the cow who was asked to jump over the moon, and an email from a space hotel.

There is lots of ammunition to get kids writing their own space poetry here, and it’s great to see a poetry book attractively produced and in full colour.

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